The upper inside

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Tabletcup on altar, Bedburg Hau, 2002, Matthijs Muller Downstairs
The upper inside (above) ArToll, artists in residence, Bedburg Hau (Germany).
Festoons, approx. 50 x 30 x 10 meter. A dusty room stretched across the complete ground plan of the church. It was inhabited bij pigeons and spiders. The construction of the building, ceiling and roof had a major impact on the impression this space left. To make another work which should connect the place to my tablet works on the altar and explore the meaning of this building in another way.



Bovenste binnen, tussen dak en plafond, ArToll, 2002, Matthijs Muller Bovenste binnen, tussen dak en plafond detail, ArToll, 2002, Matthijs Muller

Matthijs Muller