Watertower Geldern, Turmstipendium. (Germany) Exhibition: september 26th - oktober 10th
The idea to give this watertower a icecap on top would have changed it into an alp, illustrating a reservoir as well as the immense weight of the bulked water. The high cost of this project made it impossible to execute it.....
Artists: Astrid Schneider (Berlin), Catrin Wechler (Berlin), Ralph Haase (Amsterdam), Matthijs Muller (Amsterdam)
Watertoren Geldern seen from the east
Geldern watertower with ice, 2004, Matthijs Muller Watertower Geldern Iceroof, 2004 Matthijs Muller
Geldern Watertower Doorloop, 2004 Matthijs Muller Geldern, Doorloop, overvieuw with monument
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Matthijs Muller